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Improve our region by providing planning, economic, and community development services to member governments and allies at the local and regional levels.



UCP CEDS 2017-2022 Vision: 
“Think Regionally, Act Locally, Compete Globally”

  The region’s stakeholders are coming together to create a new Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for our five-county area.  The CEDS primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive, performance-based strategy to strengthen the region. The process includes an analysis of the region’s economy, established plans, area challenges & opportunities, and more.  The final strategy will contain measurable strategies and tactics for moving the region forward.

The CEDS 2017-2022 will be the result of an ongoing economic development planning process developed with diverse public and private sector participation. It will incorporate guiding principles and standards of various federal, state and local agencies through a partnership with the State Economic Development Strategy, “NC Tomorrow”. This ongoing process involves many area leaders including elected officials, economic developers, planners, private industry, educational institutions, and community organizations.

Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Actions

 As part of the foundation for the statewide NC Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, the NC Tomorrow Uniform Process guided state’s regions to center on four strategic goals:

  1. Build on each region’s competitive advantage and leverage the marketplace.
  2. Establish & maintain a robust regional infrastructure.
  3. Create revitalized, healthy and resilient communities.
  4. Develop talented and innovative people.

These four strategic goals are being used to develop relevant and impactful Regional Strategies and Tactics. 



Comprehensive Economic Development Survey


Improving Economic Conditions in the Upper Coastal Plain Region We encourage you to participate in an online SURVEY to help identify and propose solutions for economic development challenges and opportunities for the Upper Coastal Plain Region.
Please participate in the process by taking this 15-20 minute survey. Please forward the survey to at least three (3) others that will take the survey. Your input will help us understand what is most important to local residents, leaders and business owners in Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton, and Wilson Counties. Thank you for your time and participation in this regional economic development strategy process.


For more information on the North Carolina Regional and Statewide Strategies for Comprehensive Community and Economic Development, please visit the Association of Regional Councils of Government's website at, where you will find the NC Tomorrow Plan.