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Workforce Development

Staff Directory

 Name/Title  Email  Phone
Michael Williams
Program Director
mwilliams@turningpointwdb.org  252-443-6175 ext 203
Michael Simmons
Assistant Director
msimmons@turningpointwdb.org  252-443-6175 ext 223
Damien Neville
Youth Services Manager
dneville@turningpointwdb.org  252-443-6175 ext 223
Susan Phipps
MIS/ISD Manager
sphipps@turningpointwdb.org  252-443-6175 ext 215
Carisa Rudd
Business Services Manager
 crudd@turningpointwdb.org  252-443-6175 ext 207
Amy Brown
Workforce Specialsist for Edgecombe/Nash Counties
amy.w.brown@nccommerce.com  252-977-3306 ext 218

Rose Motley
Workforce Specialsist for Halifax and Northampton Counties
rose.motley@nccommerce.com  252-537-4188
Frince Williams
Workforce Specialist for Halifax and Northampton Counties
frince.williams@nccommerce.com  252-537-4188
Thelma Richardson
Workforce Specialist for Wilson County
thelma.richardson@nccommerce.com  252-234-1129 ext 204