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TAKE THE QUICK BROADBAND SURVEYproxy.duckduckgo.comComprehensive Economic Development StrategyOur region and State recognize the overwhelming importance of broadband deployment as reflected in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) 2022.
Goal 2 Establish & Maintain a Robust Regional Infrastructure
CHALLENGE 2:  Areas of our region lack adequate broadband access.  High-speed broadband is a necessity for the development of resilient and successful communities.  It is required for businesses to thrive and ultra-high-speed broadband is critical to global competitiveness.

Improve robust and affordable broadband access to un-served and underserved areas to meet present and future needs.
  • Establish a regional broadband task force.
  • Identify and prioritize areas where High Speed Internet and Broadband for middle and last mile is needed.
  • Identify barriers that prevent innovative programs designed to leverage public and private investment that can improve broadband services in the region.
  • Create opportunities to optimize return on public and private investments in broadband infrastructure and capabilities. 
  • Identify incentives (e.g., grants, loans, tax programs) to encourage greater private investment by the telecoms in the broadband infrastructure.
  • Allow for public investment in broadband infrastructure.
Instituting a Dig Once Policy

TELEHEALTH initiatives to serve rural Americans.  
BROADBAND RESOURCES:                                                                   104278_rural4
US Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration
has an interactive website: https://broadbandusa.ntia.doc.gov/

The Community Broadband Playbook, developed in NC DIT’s Broadband Infrastructure Office (BIO), provides communities with functional tools including templates, examples, ideas and many more resources that communities can use to build a broadband strategy that addresses their needs.To see the playbook, visit the Community Broadband Playbook website.

Connecting North Carolina Broadband Plan

Leaping the Digital Divide:  
Encouraging Policies and Partnerships to Improve Broadband Access Across North Carolina
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NC Broadband Plan 21
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NC Broadband Matters is devoted to expanding broadband in underserved areas of North Carolina.  Resources available from a recent gathering of rural fiber proponents, including Governor Cooper. Rural Fiber matters!