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Water, Sewer & Stormwater

Planning and Development Services (PDS) provides grant development services for member local governments on various water and sewer infrastructure projects. 

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2019 Water & Wastewater Rates Dashboard

This dashboard, created by the UNC Environmental Finance Center, provides utility staff and governing bodies with information to understand, benchmark, and assess your utility's rates, financial health, affordability, and other metrics for annual rates review.
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NC Health News
State Eyes Consolidation of Aging Rural Water and Sewer Systems

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Ongoing Projects (Community Development Block Grants)Water and Sewer Pic

Sharpsburg FY 2016-17: Water Line Replacement - Grant/Loan in the amount of $1,998,690, which 75% of is grant and 25% is loan. This project will replace old lines with approximately 9,000 LF of 6" C-900 PVC water main, 570 LF of 6" DI water main, 6,500 LF of 8" C-900 PVC water main, 250 LF of 8" DI water main, 125 LF of 8" HDPE water main, 125' of 10" HDPE water main, 44 fire hydrant assemblies, 144 water service replacements, etc.

Lucama FY 2016-17: Water Line & Water Plant - Grant/Loan in the amount of $488,990, which 25% of is grant and 75% is loan. This project will rehabilitate the Town's water treatment plant and one existing supply well. 

Seaboard FY2016-17: Townwide Sewer Line Rehabilitation - CDBG-I Sewer Grant in the amount of $1,344,152 to rehabilitate approximately 10,250 linear feet of 8 inch VCP sewer line, and 1,150 linear feet of 10 inch VCP clay pipe on approximately 15 streets; rehabilitate approximately 69 manholes, install 6,760 linear feet of 8 inch cured in place liner and 5,700 linear feet of 10 inch cured in place liner.  Town of Seaboard residents please review the Town's Fair Housing Assessment.  

Saratoga FY2014-15: Waterline Replacement - CDBG-I Sewer Grant in the amount of $1,143,942 to construct 5,600 linear feet of 8 inch sewer line, 14 four foot diameter manholes, 38 four inch sanitary sewer taps, and replace an existing sewer pump station.

*New Awards to be Announced* 

A complete list of Current Water/Sewer projects will be available here soon with Water & Sewer maps being added online.